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Fourth of July Weekend 2014 #chicago Visit http://urbaneworldwide.com/4th to RSVP & More Info. tag your Chicago friends.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 // ST. LOUIS Join us at #SummerBreeze Day Party on Sunday May 25th! Visit anicesummerbreeze.com for more details. #memorialday #urbanestl #urbaneworldwide

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 // WDC Join us at Huxley on Sunday May 25th! Visit urbaneworldwide.com/wdc for more details. #memorialday #urbanedc #urbaneworldwide

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 // ST. LOUIS Join us at #SummerBreeze Day Party on Sunday May 25th! Visit anicesummerbreeze.com for more details. #memorialday #urbanestl #urbaneworldwide

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 // HOUSTON we’re at Capital Bar for #redcupalumni day party! redcupalumni.com #houston #memorialday #urbanehtx

This Saturday! Get Ready! #UrbaneDeMayo RSVP/Tickets: Visit http://urbanedemayo.com (at #UrbaneDeMayo)

#UrbaneDeMayo 2014 - Springtime Music Mix by DJ Commish

Urbane de Mayo is a brand conceptualized by Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group. Urbane de Mayo is an annual Hip-Hop, Latin American, & Electronic Dance Music (EDM) day party in celebration of Cinco de Mayo holiday. It’s an amazing blend of millennial culture and lifestyle. If you’re in Washington, D.C. or Houston, TX, visit urbanedemayo.com for more details.

About DJ Commish: The artistry of being a DJ is a rare gift. There are but a few DJs who understand the value of this gift and DJ Commish is one of them. Born and raised in the birthplace of hip-hop, DJ Commish is a member of the URBANE DJ family and is one the premiere DJs for millennials. His sounds can be heard in more than 62 million homes weekly through Music Choice television and at any number of corporate, charity or social events in New York City and around the country. Client roster includes corporations: BET Networks, MTV Networks, Derek Jeter, Sean DIDDY Combs, Heidi Klum, Gabrielle Union, Justin Bieber, and more.

About Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group: Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group is a lifestyle brand that creates and executes innovate marketing campaigns and avant garde entertainment options targeting millennials. The group operates in five major U.S. cities: Washington D.C.; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; St. Louis, MO; and Houston, TX. For more information, visit urbaneworldwide.com.

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#stlouis #cocktails2connect #savethedate urbaneworldwide.com/stl

#chicago #cocktails2connect #savethedate urbaneworldwide.com/chicago

x. Wednesday, December 31, 2014
x. Recess Washington – one block from the White House
x. Ciroc open bar, 10pm – 1am
x. Complimentary bubbly, 10pm – 1am
x. Presented by URBANE* in WDC
X. Tickets & Info: urbanenye2014.eventbrite.com

Viewer discretion is advised

I forewarn you: a four-letter word might be too forward, but this conceptual affaire is the shit.


The air is brisk and sky filled with details. Chanel and Tobacco Vanille as you inhale. 44 °Fahrenheit in hand as you enter – your glass is full, but your thoughts are empty. The only thing to think about is nothing at all. You’ve worked tirelessly year-round and your sole interest is having a damn good time.


Watch your step as you step into a new year. This is your intimate space. No overcrowding. No overdressing. This isn’t the uncomfortable setting that you’re used to – hardwood floors to remind you of the comfort of a penthouse. Gentlewomen and gentlemen deck the halls like boughs of holly. This is familiar. You’re amongst friends. Bask in the relaxing luxury you deserve. No need step out for fireworks…the light show inside will leave you at a loss for words.

You’re welcome.

But the vision isn’t enough. Your imagination won’t suffice. You’ve got to see this for yourself. The evening is for you. Four words: “The night is yours.” Experience the #NYE2014 experience. This one will be reserved for the history books!

#UrbaneLaborDay Party @Parkat14th || Sun Sep 1 - Starts at 10p || Comp Admission Before 11p w/ RSVP http://urbaneworldwide.com/

The end.

#UrbaneSTL Have you RSVPd for Pandora: A musical tribute to #RKelly @ the Rustic Goat (2617 Washington Ave) http://www.pandoraseries.com

#UrbaneDC #CBCWeekend #Parkat14

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